give me your hand

give me your hand by kinho pizzato


bailaora by kinho pizzato In Sevilla, Spain

the old maggie pier

the old maggie pier by kinho pizzato At Magnetic Island, Queensland, Australia

canola fields

canola fields by kinho pizzato Merton, Otago, New Zealand

sunset in the city

sunset in the city by kinho pizzato

snow in sydney?

snow in sydney? by kinho pizzato Infrared photography at Victoria Park, Sydney

love under the infra-red sun

love under the infra-red sun by kinho pizzato

a cloudy day to love and be loved

a cloudy day to love and be loved by kinho pizzato


umbrella by kinho pizzato little mushroom Bento Gonçalves, RS, Brazil

close encounter

close encounter by kinho pizzato   Driving to New Zealand’s version of the Devil’s tower, from close encounters of the third kind. North Island, New Zealand


maheno by kinho pizzato Maheno shipwreck at Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia My very first experiment combining different exposures. I did it very quickly so I know it’s not perfect, but It’s an interesting… Continue reading

i want the orange one

i want the orange one by kinho pizzato Seller in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


bungy by kinho pizzato The sequence of a bungy jump in Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand  

the city

the city by kinho pizzato

sydney harbour at night

sydney harbour at night by kinho pizzato Beautiful view of the Sydney Harbour. The lights were the live final of the 2005 Australian Idol.